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Great day with Landon!

I just wanted record my great day with my son! It was really nothing out of the ordinary too much, but I really enjoyed it!

This morning when Landon woke up, he came in to snuggle with me. We read his books in my bed with no real hurry to start the day.

Later on after watching Cars 2 (the new favorite that replaced Nemo) I asked him if he wanted to turn off the TV and play. We just sat playing animals and did a few puzzles together, just the two of us! We really don't get much time, or I should say we don't make much time where it is just him and I playing alone together.

During the week he sees me all day, but he's sharing me with 6 other kids. An when they go home it's all about dinner and Daddy. Saturdays are usually our recoup day and many times I'm so wiped or have so much other housework/errands that we keep pretty busy. Sunday is a full family day and ends up being more Daddy time too so really when I think about it, there is very little time where Landon and I just play together!

I have to say it was wonderful and I must make more of a conscious effort to do it more! The reward was instant and when I was making dinner, he asked me to pick him up. When I did he just started touching my face and playing with my hair!

It was just such a wonderful ordinary day <3

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