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I can run!

Starting in September I followed the couch to 5k program and by November I was out running 5k a few times a week. On Christmas day I aggravated a knee injury and haven't been able to run since.

Today I did my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout an had that feeling. So I decided I would head out to the garage and try it out. I totally rocked it! My knee was only a little stiff at the end!

I've been frustrated for a while now at the scale not moving as fast as I would like, I was averaging 2-4lbs a week, but lately even 1 is a success. I was off the diet wagon for most of Christmas so I'm not really surprised.

Anyways... Must keep going, no matter what!

Here is a progress pic of my weightless so far down 43lbs since September!

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