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I ran the whole thing! Today I am celebrating because I ran 8 kilometers or 5 miles.

Kilometer one did not feel good, I doubted that I would finish.

By the 3rd k, I was starting to feel much better!!

The last k was my fastest by far! I was so excited I "fist-pumped" in public.... But didn't care, i bet if anyone saw me and they had just finished an 8k run, they would be fist pumping too :)

My next weigh in isn't for two weeks. I upped my cals and started Strength training with Chalene extreme so I don't expect to see huge numbers, and thats ok! I'll hav more muscle to help me burn the rest of that fat on my body!!

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Hey, I've recently thought about getting into running too.. but I have NEVER been a runner. How did you work up to the 8 kms? Did you follow a certain program or are you just someone who has rediscovered running after some time away from it?

Congrats, by the way! I'd be fistpumping too. :)

Great job with the weight loss and getting healthy. I couldn't even begin to imagine running 8 miles lol. Good Job though :)

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