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Well, the period of purple crying hit last night like a ton of bricks. Baby girl cried every time I put her down all afternoon and then the whole evening for 3 hours while I was holding, humming and rocking her... It doesn't sound like a lot and maybe some people handle it better than others, but I felt like crying the whole time too. It made me feel horrible that there was nothing I could do to make it stop. Every time I tried putting her down to do something she would just cry harder... I just kept telling myself that she had to go to sleep sometime and that it WOULD end...

I remember going through this with Landon, but it seemed to start and end way sooner with him. One night I held him rocking and crying in bed until Jeff came in and took him away so I could rest. This time I don't have him to rescue me so I just sit tight and hold on to sanity for dear life!

Now of course she is sleeping like an angel.

Then I let a sick Landon into bed with me. He didn't think sleep was as important as I did last night.

Thank goodness Crystal is on her way with some Tims for me. I'm crossing my fingers that tonight will be better than last!

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